I'm proficient!

I've worked extensively with the following technologies:

I'm professional!

Below are some of the professional projects I've designed and implemented:

Photography Blog

When reviewing the commercial, off the shelf (COTS) solutions for photography blogs, this local artist felt boxed in by repetitive themes and unnecessary functions superfluous to her needs. This custom built server allows the artist to upload and organize photos without needing to learn a complex content management system.

Real Estate Professional

Real Estate Broker informational website to act as a flyer and calling card. Simplicity was the key theme requested for this website design.

Local Non-Profit Organization

Getting information out while being fun and friendly. This informational and interactive website for the Old Library Studio informs parents about the music production and other classes offered by this local non-profit while also giving credit to donors and members who make it all possible. By utilizing the strengths of the open source CMS Drupal, an administrator account was created for the non-profit staff so they could do their own additions and maintenance to cut down on costs for this non-profit organization.

I've studied!

I've completed the Web Design, Front End Web Development, and JavaScript Full Stack Developer tracks from Team Treehouse!

The topics of study and courses include: HTML, CSS, Design Foundations, Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator, Logo Design, Brand Identity, UX, UI, SEO, SASS/LESS preprocessors, jQuery, Responsive Layouts, mobile-first design principles, AJAX, Accessibility, Website resource Optimization techniques, working the command line with Console Foundations, content versioning with Git, Front End Performance Optimization techniques, Object Oriented JavaScript including ES6 and ES7 features (classes, arrow functions, let, const, this binding, closures), the JS Module Pattern, NodeJS, Task Runners such as npm, gulp, and webpack, ExpressJS server, Server Side Rendering (SSR) using Pug (Jade) and other templating engines, MySQL and MongoDB database setup and configuration, User Authentication with Express and MongoDB, SOAP and RESTful services, Building REST APIs, JS Unit, integration and e2e testing, and more.

I've practiced!

I've completed all* 73 coding challenges from the JavaScript track in the popular, open source coding challenge website Exercism!

*It appears they have added a couple of new challenges in the last few weeks.